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Consignee Application

Connecticut River Artisans Cooperative

4 Water St - P.O. Box 523

Chester, CT 06412

860-526-5575 - www.ctriverartisans.org




I,___________________________________________, agree to be a consignee of CRAC for the purpose of selling my work at the Connecticut River Artisans Cooperative in Chester, CT.


As a consignee of CRAC, I understand and accept the following:


This contract begins______________at an annual fee of $180.00 (one hundred eighty dollars) Payment due at the beginning of the new year if both CRAC and the Consignee agree to renew this contract.


I can display up to __________ items at a time(one approved container of items counts as one item) in the approved craft category, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Consignee work must be accepted during the jury process and must meet or exceed the standards of craftsmanship applied to current or new member's work.

  2. Work by members takes precedence over work of the same type by consignees.

  3. Consignee work may be removed from the shop floor to a storage area to make room for a member's work if necessary, although every effort will be made to keep consignee work available for sale during their contract period.

  4. CRAC may regulate the amount of consignee work that is on display at one time based on available space.

  5. A written inventory stating description, item number and selling price must accompany all deliveries.

  6. All items must have an attached sales tag with Consignee initials, item number and sales price.

  7. All deliveries must be by appointment.

  8. Number of items allowed will depend on the amount of space needed to display Consignee's work.

The Connecticut River Artisans Cooperative, Inc. will deduct and retain 40% (forty) commission on sales.


At the end of this contract period, my work will be reviewed in terms of space, sales and meeting the quality of work expected of a consignee and at that time I may or may not be asked to renew the contract based on those criteria.


I will have no working hours assigned at the shop and I will not participate on any committee. I cannot vote on issues pending. I am not allowed to represent myself as being a member of CRAC but may state that I am a Consignee.


The CRAC will be responsible for collecting and paying any sales tax collected and due to the State of Connecticut from the sale of my work.


In the event that either party to this contract cannot fulfill the terms of the said contract, The Board of Directors will resolve the matter. Their decision will be final.


The undersigned consignee hereby releases Connecticut River Artisans Cooperative, Inc., as well as any individual member or agent or employee of Connecticut River Artisans Cooperative, Inc. from any and all liability for personal injury or property loss, theft or damage which might occur for/from any reason. The undersigned waives any claim that it might have in the future on account of any damage or injury of any kind that may result. The undersigned recognizes that Connecticut River Artisans Cooperative, Inc. bears no liability resulting from the sales of any item sold by or through Connecticut River Artisans Cooperative, Inc.


Approved Craft Category:_______________________________________Date:___________________________________


Consignee Signature:_________________________________________________________________________________


CRAC Member Signature:_______________________________________________________________Updated 4/1/2011