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Membership Application

Connecticut River Artisans Cooperative, Inc.

4 Water Street - PO Box 523

Chester, Ct 06412












Please describe the range of work you wish to sell_______________________________________________________________


What is your approximate retail price range?____________________________________________________________


Please estimate the number of pieces you hope to display initially____________________________________________________________


Will you need any special display requirements, and/or can you provide any display props?______________________________________________________


How did you hear about the Artisans?__________________________________________________________


Members are expected to participate in the running of the cooperative. Please list any activities you could help with such as advertising, displays, bookkeeping, maintenance, supplies, typing etc.___________________________________________________________________


Note: You will be notified of the jury decision within seven days of the review meeting.


Contact: If you have any questions, call or email :


Gay Petruzzi

phone: 860 578-9595

email: gaypetruzzi@att.net