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The Connecticut River Artisans Co-op was established in 1980.  We believe that we are the oldest artisan co-op in Connecticut 

Our shop in Essex is full of unique works of art created by the members.  

All works are "Made in Connecticut."  




Marc, a former high school wood-shop teacher and presently a commercial cabinetmaker, has a passion for cooking and knows a good cutting board is essential.  Marc and his wife, Mary, a former floral designer, combine their skills to create the many different styles and patterns of end-grain and face-grain cutting boards, carving boards and charcuterie boards.  Woods are locally sourced  and they also work with apiaries throughout Connecticut to obtain beeswax which they use to create their own finishing oil and protectants for the fine wood pieces 

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Next to the Connecticut River Museum 

Diagonally across from the Gris 

Monday-Saturday, 11:00-5:00

Sunday, 11:00-4:00

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